Good Spirits & Great Haunts Set 2

There are seven woodblock paintings in this set. They can be purchased as a set as pictured or as individual pieces. See details below.


Please Note: When you purchase this set, we will customize a Rialto and an Underwood woodblock with the text of your choice.

Customized Rialto Paintings Completed in 2021

My Rialto paintings are custom-made to order, and I’ve sold almost 100 to date. Each one is unique but will be very similar to the piece shown here. You can choose your own favorite phrase or movie title for me to include on your custom painting. Email Tom to provide us with the text you’d like on your marquee. We recommend a maximum of 26 characters and spaces.



The Underwood painting on display in this show and pictured here are samples. My Underwood paintings are custom-made to order. You can add your child’s first name and “Class of _______” to the right end of the woodblock. Alternately, you can add a thank-you to your favorite teacher, e.g., “Thank you, Ms. Smith!” The left end of the woodblock features “Underwood, Five Points.” Email Tom to provide us with the text you’d like on painted on the side of your woodblock. 


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