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Zazzle Tutorial-How to adjust type settings for your text

Below is a tutorial video that shows how to change the text for this Zazzle Product. To follow along with the HowTo video, you can go to this Resistance T-Shirt in my Zazzle store. This is a visual tutorial, there is no sound.

This is just a visual tutorial that shows how to change the text and then adjust the type settings to make your custom text fit. There are two images in this design. You can choose between a distressed Gavel and an American eagle. The video shows you how. It also shows how to resize the design.

The text I am using is JUDGE JACKSON, Presidents Are Not Kings.

This is one of the designs I made for #theresistance. If you use the Gavel you could change the text to any hashtag, phrase or short quote that came out of Judge Jackson’s ruling in the McGhan trial.

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