What is the Trac Control Button and how to use it in the Toyota Rav 4

If planning on driving in snow and ice in the Mnts. the first thing to do is order some Z Chains from amazon that we have are Z-571

Get the right-sized Z Chains for your tires using this hand Z Chain Tire Size Chart

Here is the tire size chart with the Z Chains we have for our 2011 RAV4 Highlighted. We have General Altimax with the M+S rating for snow and mud. Our tire size is 225/65-17.

How to use the traction control button.

Leave it on for driving in snow and ice.

If having trouble climbing a slippery hill, turn ‘Trac’ off. (Trac Off allows the engine more power)

You Push the Trac Control Button to Turn it OFF!

When Trac is off the Auto Lsd light will be on!

Push Trac Control Button again to turn it back on again once you get moving.

If you are stuck and both wheels are just spinning turn Trac on to prevent both wheels from spinning at the same time while you are stuck. If both wheels are spinning they will create more ice and make getting out more difficult.

Note: When the vehicle is stopped turn the trac/vsc systems off by pressing and holding the button for more than 3 seconds.

The image below is from the 2011 Toyota Rav 4 user manual. (This is the 2 wheel drive Rav 4)

Toyota Rav 4 Trac Control 2011 manual

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